Rates and Ratios

img-ratesandreceipts Our next chapter is all about ratios, proportions, and percents. We’re going to start by studying ratios, rates, and unit rates. Here’s my presentation.

Find the presentation files in my equations/proportions folder as a .pdf and .tex (source).

After last week, our first in three (thanks to Portland’s Snow Fest 2008), I’m trying to use the projector to nail home my lessons. The best projection-based lesson I’ve ever come across is Dan’s work on graphing.

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  1. Brian Cormier January 14, 2009 at 9:11 am #

    I am so grateful that Dan linked your site to his blog. I just looked through some of the lessons, and I can’t believe how much good stuff is here. A couple of things:

    A: What do I need to do to my computer for it to be able to recognize and use .tex files?

    B: I believe in sharing as well, but I am an experienced blog READER only. Is there a way to link/attach files in a response to an entry?

    C: I started reading Dan last year, and about a week later I used his intro to graphing. It works incredibly well. I end the lesson by showing them a graph of my journey home with speed on the y-axis. Then as a “ticket to leave”, they graph their journey home.

  2. Nick January 14, 2009 at 10:06 am #

    Brian -

    The Quick Answer: I use a program called Emacs to write and edit .tex files. I have installed on my computer MikTex 2.7.

    The Long Answer: the .tex files are a bit like html source code for the pdf’s. They’re not really what you would print out and do anything with, but if you know how to write LaTeX you can edit the source code and tweak the worksheets and presentations. If you’ve written websites and know what a markup language is I think you’ll be able to figure out LaTeX pretty quickly, if not, it’ll take a bit more time. I started using it, because it makes nice looking math and it’s got amazing potential for doing precise drawings etc.

    Andrew Roberts wrote a nice page on Getting to Grips with LaTeX. And here’s a tutorial I used to get started.

    Hope that helps.

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